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I live in Claremont, can I get a library card?

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  Residents of Claremont (ZIP Code 91711) 18 years and older may apply for a library card. Proof of residence is required.  For residents 18-64 years of age there is an annual  fee of $50 which entitles the user to check out up to 10 books for 28 days.  For residents 65 and older there is no fee for the card.  Claremont resident cards do not entitle the user to Link+, ILL, remote access to library resources, or WiFi in the library.

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I am trying to log in to the library but my card is not working

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  When you log in to the library or the library's resources from off campus you need to use your name and your 10 digit ID number from your ID card.  The most common problem is not using all ten digits from your card. That includes the number after the dash (but not the dash). 

The number on your card looks like this:


Type it in like this:

If you are correctly entering your name and number and it is still not working you will need to contact the Services Desk so they can check your account.  You can call the Services Desk anytime that the library is open at 909 621-8150.  You can also chat with the Services Desk Staff at Ask Us.  When you chat please enter your question before you press send so that the question will be answered by the appropriate staff person.

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What is the best way to begin my research?

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  There are several ways to begin research.  Start with the  Research Guides  or the  Library's Database List  under the topic or topics that best fit your assignment.  Go to Blais , the Library Catalog, for books or  to  Academic Search Premier for popular or scholarly articles on just about any topic.  Or email a librarian in your topic for an appointment.

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When is the library open?

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  You can check the library's hours here

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What is Link+ and how do I use it?

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  Link+ is a catalog of items belonging to over 50 participating library systems in California and Nevada.  Students, faculty and staff of The Claremont Colleges can request books or DVDs not available at Claremont, and those items will be delivered to Honnold/Mudd for check out.
You can access the Link+ catalog directly at, or you can click on the Link+ button on the right of the screen when you are looking at an item in Blais.
If you cannot find the book that you need at either the Claremont Colleges Library or through Link+, you can request the book through ILLiad-Interlibrary Loan.

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Where is the fiction section?

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  We use Library of Congress call numbers, and have no 'fiction section."
Search for an author or book title in Blais. The call number will be in the P's-- PR, British literature; PS American literature, etc.-- and other books by the same person will be right there as well as literary criticism of their works. If you want new fiction, don't forget the Braxton collection!

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How can I find out if Honnold owns the book that I want?

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  To see what books the Claremont College Library owns use the library's online catalog, Blais.  You can access Blais from the library website, or go directly to  Blais lists the books, journal titles, DVDs and other items that the library owns.  If we do not own the book that you need, check Link+ and Interlibrary Loan.

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What is the phone number for the Copy Center?

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  You can call the Copy Center at (909) 607-3969, or you can email them

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How can I find articles on my topic?

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  Start with Academic Search Premier which has both popular and scholarly articles in almost all topics, or find a more specialized database using the database list or by consulting a research guide.

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Can I renew my books online?

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  Yes you can renew your books online.  Log in here to renew.

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I received a notice saying I did not return a book, but I did. What do I do?

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  Please contact the Services Desk at 909 621-8150.  They will fill out a "Claims Returned" form and search for the book. 

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How can I get an article if Claremont does not subscribe to the journal?

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  If the Claremont Colleges Library does not subscribe to the journal you can request the article through ILLiad - Interlibrary Loan.  The Interlibrary Loan Department will find a library that owns the journal, scan the article, and send it to you in email. 

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How do I choose the best resources for my research?

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  You might begin with the Research Guides to find out what resources librarians have recommended for research in your field.  You can also make an appointment with a subject specialist or simply stop by the services desk to ask for help.

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How do I find whether The Library has a specific book or article?

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  For books, look up the book by title or author in Blais, our library catalog; for articles, look up the journal title in Blais.

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What can I expect from a research appointment with a librarian?

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  The content and outcomes of a research appointment depend on your particular needs, but librarians can guide you in identifying and accessing relevant and appropriate information resources for your research. Librarians can also guide you to citation and style guides for writing in your disciplines. Research appointments usually range from 30 to 60 minutes.

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My book has been recalled. What does that mean?

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  If you have received an email saying your book has been recalled, that means that another Claremont Colleges student, faculty, or staff needs to use the book. You must return the book by the date stated on the notice. Fines for overdue recalled books accrue at $1.00 per day. The book is billed on the 9th day overdue. Your borrowing privileges are suspended when a recalled book is overdue.

If you still need the book you have a few options. When you return the book you can use the request button in Blais to recall it yourself and you would have it back within 10 days. You can also check to see if there is a copy available from Link+ and if there is, you should have it within 2-3 business days.

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How can I find help with my research?

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  Use the ASK US widget to ask questions; contact a librarian with questions to make appointment; or stop by the Services Desk.

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How can I find what DVDs you have?

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  If you want all of them, search Blais by Call Number AV* but that's a big list. Try this for more help:

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Is there a tutorial to help me get started with research?

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  The Library has an excellent Interactive Tutorial.  Also don't forget, you can ask for help or contact a librarian for more help. 

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Can I watch videos at the library?

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  Yes, we have an AV room on the third floor of Honnold. Check out the key at the services desk.

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